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Passports & Visa

Any visitor wishing to visit the country must obtain a visa from the Mozambique consulate or embassy. It is necessary to present a passport, two recent photographs and fill in the respective form.

Visas can be obtained at the border for a 30 day visit. South Africa, Swaziland, Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe in the base of agreements are exempt of visas.

The people, who don’t have Mozambican Embassy or Consulate in your country, must contact the Embassy or Consulate which is located in neighbouring countries to obtain visa.

For the entry of vehicles, driven by foreign citizen, the temporary import licence is required upon entry into the country. Vehicles import temporarily cannot be sold or lent out and the owners must present temporary import documentation whenever requested. 

The visa in Mozambique can be individual or collective

a)  Diplomatic Visa;

b)  Courtesy Visa;

c)  Official Visa;

d)  Residence Visa;

e)  Touristic Visa;

f)  Transit Visa;

g)  Visit Visa;

h)  Business Visa;

i)  Student Visa

To entry in Mozambique must be made by the officially border established for this purpose and the foreign citizen is subject to the procedures of immigration authorities, and others provided by law. It’s required to entry in Mozambique one of the following documents:

a) Valid passport or similar document for the country and entry visa issued by the Mozambican authorities;

b) Other documents acceptance in international conventions and agreements to which Mozambique is bound.


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