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The Province of Cabo Delgado

Cabo Delgado is the home of the Makonde ethnic group originally concentrated in the Mueda plateau. They are a people with very strong, unique culture with a natural talent for wood and ivory carving. They still practice their ancestral customs such as ritual tattooing and teeth filing.

Points of note about the Province 

  •  It is the cradle of the Makonde nation ;
  •  Is a great production centre of marble and precious woods;
  •  The Quirimba Islands at present a national park was in the past a great centre for slave trafficking.

General Description

  Surface area:  82,625 km2 including 4,758 km2 of inland waters.
  Situation:  Northeast extremity of the country

Geographical limits:

  North:  The Rovuma river forms the national border with the United Republic of Tanzania.
  South:  The Lúrio river separates Cabo Delgado from the province of Nampula.
  West:  (from north to south) the Lugenda,Cuambeze, Kuaca and Mewo rivers
 that establish the border with the province of Niassa.
  East:  The Indian Ocean along a 425 km coast line.
  Climate:  The annual average temperature is 26º C.
  Population:  1.540.000 inhabitants 51 % of which are women.


  •  Portuguese - is the official language
  •  Macua, Makonde, Kimwane, Swahili, Ajaua, Macue e Ingoni

Administrative structure:

  •  16 districts
  •  56 administrative posts
  •  125 localities
  •  approximately 790 villages

Major products:

  •  marble
  •  clay
  •  Graphite
  •  precious woods.

This province offers extraordinarily beautiful beaches with emerald green waters, reefs and deep Blue Ocean. The Quirimba Archipelago which was in the past a major slave trafficking centre has now become a national conservation reserve.


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