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The province of Niassa is situated at the Lichinga high plateau and is encircled by extensive pine tree forests.

The plateau is part of the African Great Rift Valley that encompasses the Great Lakes and the slope from Djibouti to the shores of Lake Niassa.

Points of note about the Province 

  •  One of Livingstone’s last expedition routes
  •  It is considered the last true wilderness in the world or in other words a remnant of the African Garden of Eden
  •  It is the most remote and unpopulated province in the country

It borders the Republic of Tanzania and contains the greatest wildlife reserve in the country with its great elephant population as well as many other wildlife species.

Lake Niassa is one of the biggest attractions in the province with its placid and clear waters that are ideal for the practice of water sports such as fishing, diving and boat or canoe trips.

Niassa is the largest Province in Mozambique. There are places of extraordinary beauty to visit contrasting with areas of natural woodland.

Lake Niassa, the third biggest lake in Africa and Malawi delimit the Province to the West, whilst to the East is Cabo Delgado, to the North Tanzania and to the South Nampula and Zambezia.

The main urban centre is Lichinga, on the plain of the same name in the western part of the Province not far from Lake Niassa.

The main ethnic groups are the Macua, the Nyanja and the Yao.


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