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Far away from the coast and to west one finds the province of Manica, an enticing tourist destination home to rock paintings of Chinhamapere, the conservation areas of Chimanimani, the Penhalonga mountains alongside the Zimbabwean border with its ecological trails.

Points of note about the Province 

  •  Essentially an agricultural province with a good plateau climate.
  •  Producer of a vast diversity of fruits and horticultural produce.
  •  Inland tourism but with access to beaches at Beira.

Manica is situated in the central interior area of the country. To the North is the Province of Tete, to the South, the Provinces of Inhambane and Gaza, to the East the Province of Sofala and to the West, Zimbabwe.

The Province of Manica is one of the highest in country and the source of many of the rivers that flow east towards the Indian Ocean.

The mountain water is pure and light, in particular the waters of Mountain Vumba, bottled and distributed throughout most of the country.

The capital is Chimoio, an important economic centre of the Province.

Vila Manica, benefitting greatly from frontier commerce, is the second largest urban centre.

The main ethnic groups are the Shonas, the Senas and the Ndau.