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It was baptized by Vasco da Gama on his way to India in 1498 as the “Land of the Good People”.

Points of note about the Province 

  • It is one of the oldest towns in southern Africa.
  • It is covered by extensive palm-tree groves;
  • Renowned for one of the most famous archipelagos in the country, the Bazaruto archipelago;
  • Famous for its sweet tangerines;
  • Tourism is the big bet for the economy of this province.

With its imposing buildings and endless crystal clear beaches where in numerous water sports such as fishing, scuba diving, sand boarding, snorkelling and deep sea fishing can be enjoyed.

It is a wild place with paradisiacal islands such as Bazaruto, Magarruque and Benguerra that constitute the National Park of the Bazaruto Archipelago with varieties of flora and fauna that deserve to be appreciated.


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