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For those travellers coming from Maputo, South Africa or Swaziland, through the inevitable EN1 highway, in search of the more amenable beaches north of Maputo, can visit the beach at Bilene, 30 km away from the main road, situated by the shores of a great lagoon, 27 km in length, and opened to the sea.

Points of note about the Province 

  •  Better known as the breadbasket of the country;
  •  Great rice producer in the Limpopo valley;
  •  Where one finds the Xai-Xai beach and the marine turtles habitats.

In addition one can also enjoy the beaches at Chongoene and Zongoene, each one with its particular charm, situated at the mouth of the Limpopo River.

For lovers of ecotourism this province offers access to the Área Transfronteira do Grande Limpopo (Great Trans-frontier Limpopo Park) with its richness in fauna and biodiversity.

What to visit

Xai-Xai is a popular touristic destination with fascinating beaches, like Xai-Xai Beach about 10 km of paved road. The Bilene Lagoon, in the village of Bilene is a huge lake with 27 km long, transparent and slightly salted water and fine white sand. You can reach the sea, crossing the lagoon by boat deep water.


Where to eat

The contrast of land and people in Mozambique has no limits, and makes you feel gastronomy, although along the coast there are some similarity dishes that are offered, with reference in seafood.

Investments and Business Opportunities

The attraction of foreign direct investm...