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Maputo Province

Limited in Northern by Province of Gaza, to the south by South Africa, Swaziland and the West by the East, Indian Ocean, Maputo Province capital of the country offer to visitors urban tourism in the city of Maputo, the magnificent beaches of the Indian Ocean coast, and mountain tourism with visits inside the Maputo Special Reserve, the dam of the small idyllic village of Namaacha.

The Maputo Bay, with the Incomati and Maputo rivers limits the capital, across borders, 40 km from Maputo to Inhaca Island, considered biological heritage of humanity where we can admire magnificent multicolored corals, sea turtles, marine mammals diversity and unique species including fish.

The Maputo province has about eight districts including the city of Matola, with an estimated population of about 1.205.709.00 according to INE data, 2007.

Districts of Maputo Province


The Boane district is situated in the province of Maputo, Mozambique. Its seat is the village of Boane. It borders to the north with the Moamba district, west and southwest by the district Namaacha, south and southeast with the district Matutuíne and east by the city of Matola.

The Boane district has an area of ​​820 km² and population about 102.457 residents, which corresponds to a population density of 124.9 habitants per km². The name of the region have their origin a local resident named Mboene.

This territory was part of the district chiefdom Matola end of the 19th Century, after getting connected administratively to Matola. When it was established in 1955, the Municipality of Matola, was also created administrative post Boane as one of its subdivisions, and was elevated to the district in 1976.


The Magude district is situated in the northern part of Maputo. Its town is the village of Magude. It has geographic boundaries to the north with the Massingir district in Gaza province in the east with the district of Chókwè and Bilene; southeast with Manhiça District, with the south and west Moamba is bounded by a boundary line artificial with the South African province of Mpumalanga.

The Magude district has an area of ​​6960 km² and a population about 54 252 residents, resulting in a population density of 7.8 habitants per km².


The Manhiça District is situated in the northern part of the province of Maputo and its town is Manhiça. It has geographic boundaries to the north and northeast with Bilene, east by the Indian Ocean on the south with the Marracuene district in the west with the Moamba district and west and northeast with the district of Magude. The Manhiça District has an area of ​​2380 km² and a population about 157 642 habitants.


The Marracuene district is situated in Maputo and its headquarters is the town of Marracuene. It limits the north with the District of Manhiça west with Moamba district and the city of Matola, south with the Maputo City and east to the Indian Ocean. The Marracuene district has an area of ​​666 km ² and a population census in 2007 of 157 642 inhabitants.


The district Matutuíne is one of the subdivisions of the Mozambican province of Maputo, in fact, its most southern district, which borders the south with the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, Swaziland to the west, northwest with the district of Namaacha north and the district of Boane and Maputo.

According to the 2007 Census, the district has a population of 37,239 habitants, the district is crossed by rivers Tembe and Maputo, which flow into the Maputo Bay, this bay is thus also one of the northern boundaries of this district. It is among the Maputo River and the Indian Ocean, which forms the eastern boundary of this district, which is located in the Maputo Elephant Reserve, an important conservation area, especially elephants, but not only, since this region has a high degree biodiversity.

Tourism is a very important sector of the economy of this district. Beyond the Maputo Elephant Reserve, several tourist developments were built in the district's long coastline. The most important touristic center is Ponta d'Ouro, located in the extreme southeast of the district along the border with South Africa


Moamba is a district situated in Maputo province and its headquarters is the town of Moamba. Its geographical boundaries are, north Massintonta the river which separates the district of Magude, and Namaacha, Marracuene in west and a artificial line boundary with the South African.

The district has a triangle configuration with north-south, a 150 km stretch between Panjane along the river and riverside Massintonta Mavene, and east-west, an extension of 61 km in parallel Sabié.


Namaacha is a district of Maputo province, with headquarters in the village of Namaacha and is limited to the north with the Moamba district, on the west by South Africa and Swaziland to the south and east with Matutuíne Boane district. According to the 2007 Census, the district has 41,954 habitants and an area of ​​2144 km².

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Ponta do Ouro

Ponta do Ouro is situated in Southern Mozambique just 10 km from the South African border. The hustle & bustle of development, such as houses being restored to their former glory coupled with a good dose of laid back charm are what make this such an unforgettable destination.

In Ponta do Ouro you will be sure to find beautiful white beaches, dense dune forests, amazing diving and an ever-stretching azure sea. A very traditional open air market, several "cantinas" (little shops) and eager curio sellers will quench your thirst for shopping before you make your way to one of the rustic restaurants in town.

Inhaca Island

Inhaca is an island located at the entrance of Maputo bay, southern Mozambique, with the geographic coordinates of latitude 26 º S and 33 º E longitudes. It has an area of 42 km² and dimensions north-south and 12.5 km east-west by 7 km. It is situated 32 km east of the city of Maputo, whose municipality is administratively part, constituting a municipal district, of Ka Nyaka. 

Ponta Malongane

Ponta Malongane is located in the south of Maputo, about 6 hours drive from Johannesburg.

Ponta Mamoli

Located in a quiet and deserted part of the coast 11 km to the north of Ponta Malongane.

Ponta Milibangalala

It is found in the Maputo Elephant Reserve.

Macaneta Beach

It is located only 35 km north of Maputo.

Pequenos Libombos Dam

"Pequenos Libombos Dam", was built over Umbeluzi river in Boane.

Namaacha Town & Casino

Namaacha is a village 75 km west of the capital, Maputo.

Maputo Special Reserve

This reserve is now integrated in Development Initiative LSDI /Special SDI, which includes the areas of Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa, on Libombo river.


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