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Gaza Province

The province of Gaza, is located in the southern region of Mozambique, its capital is Xai-Xai city, located about 210 km north of Maputo, the capital. With an area of ​​75,334 km², the province is divided into 11 districts.

Limited respectively north and south by the provinces of Manica and Maputo, to the west by South Africa and the Eastern Province of the Indian Ocean and Inhambane, Gaza extends along the basins of the Limpopo and Changane a verdant plain that only the border with South Africa extends in altitude.

Its geographical location makes it obligatory passage point to all the provinces of north of Maputo by car.

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Districts of Gaza


The district of Bilene, the first in the southern of Gaza is situated the village of Macia, in northern with district of Chókwè, the eastern districts of Xai-Xai and Chibuto, the Indian Ocean to the south and west by Manhiça and Moamba districts.


The Chibuto district is situated in the southern part of the province, and its headquarters is the town of Chibuto. It has geographical boundaries, with the north Chigubo district, east with district of Manjacaze and Panda, south with the districts of Xai-Xai, Bilene Macia and Chokwe, and west with Guijá.


The district of Chicualacuala is situated in the northwest of the province, with headquarters in the village of Chicualacuala, whose official name is Vila Eduardo Mondlane . It has geographic boundaries to the north with the District of Massangena east with Chigubo district, southeast with Mabalane district, and west is limited by South Africa and Zimbabwe.


Chigubo district is situated in the northern part of Gaza province. Its seat is the village of Ndidiza since 2002, when it was transferred from Chigubo Saute. Is limited geographically to the north with the District of Massangena, east to the districts of Mabote, Funhalouro and Panda in Inhambane province, south with Chibuto and Guijá west is bordered by the districts of Mabalane and Chicualacuala.


The Chókwè district in the province of Gaza, its town is the city of Chókwè and makes geographical boundaries, with Mabalane in north, northeast Guijá, on the east by the district of Chibuto, south with Bilene and west is limited by the district Magude.


The district of Guijá situated in the southern part of the province, is limited in north by Chigubo, east with Chibuto district, south and southwest with the district of Chókwè and the west Mabalane district.


The Mabalane district is located in the central part of the province. It has geographical boundaries that extend from the north with the District of Chicualacuala, north and east with the district of Chigubo, southeast district with Guijá, south with Chókwè and the southwestern district of Massingir.


Manjacaze has its headquarters in Manjacaze along the southern part of the province, limited by Panda in north, east with Zavala; south the Indian Ocean, southwest district of Xai-Xai and west is limited by the Chibuto district.


Massangena is the farthest district of the province. This district was created in 1986, in north is boundary through the Save River with Machaze district of Manica province, east of Mabote, in the south with Chigubo and Chicualacuala and west with Zimbabwe.


The Massingir district along the centre is bordered to the north by the spatially district Chicualacuala, east with Chókwè and Mabalane, south to the district of Magude and west by South Africa


The district of Xai-Xai is also the capital city of this province, located in the southern part of the province, however, as the district is situated the village of Chongoene. It has, as geographic boundaries, north Chibuto district, east district Manjacaze, by Indian Ocean to the south and west the district of Bilene.

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Bilene Beach

About 145 km north of Maputo (EN1) is the small town of Macia which is the turning point for Bilene, some 30 km further.

Zongoene Beach

It’s situated near the mouth of the Limpopo Rive. 247 km from Maputo (including 36 km of sand road through the Limpopo flood plains)

Chidenguele Beach

Chidenguele village is situated on the EN1 north of Xai-Xai, a sandy road leads from the village to Chidenguele beach, about 5 km from the main road. This road takes you to the edge of lake Nhambavale which is a freshwater lake over 20 km long and ideal for water sports.

Chizavane Beach

Chizavane is a small village situated some 280 km to the northeast of Mozambique's capital city, Maputo.

Xai-Xai Beach

Xai-Xai Beach is approximately 12 km from the main town and has a long sweeping beach with safe swimming. 

Chongoene Beach

This beach is similar to that at Xai-Xai in having a protective reef.


It was the residence of the First President of FRELIMO, Dr. Eduardo Mondlane. There is his complex residential including a rustic house, and the house that he built in 1960. In April 2007, under the guidance of FRELIMO started works to revitalize and was inaugurated on June 20, the day of the 80th birthday of Professor Eduardo Mondlane. The Museum of Nwadjahane integrates a family cemetery, a library and monument.


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