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Sofala Province

Sofala is a province of Mozambique. It is located in the central region of the country, with a long coastline, in a recess of the Mozambique Channel. Its capital is the coastal city of Beira, located about 1190 km north of Maputo, the country's capital. With an area of ​​67,753 km², the province is divided into 12 districts.

With just over 1.64 million residents, the population of Sofala grew 21.5% between 1997 and 2007, having been recorded an increase of more than 350 thousand residents.

Sofala is in central part of Mozambique, is an important point of convergence on the links between the South, North and West; through the Beira corridor, an important route and very old, used by the countries of the interland.

Beira is Mozambique's second largest city and was built north of the ancient town of Sofala, once one of the most important ports in Africa. While the old Sofala port has been largely reclaimed by the ocean, Beira is built on land which as once swamps below sea level. A short future was predicted for Beira city when first it was built for military purposes during the colonial period, however the development of the port and railways to Zimbabwe and Malawi have placed the city of Beira firmly on the map.

More attractive than the city is the laid back holiday resort Rio Savanne 40km north of Beira on a gravel road situated between the mouth of the river Savanne and the Indian Ocean. You will need to take a boat across the river to the resort.

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