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Manica Province

The Manica province is located in the central region of Mozambique. Its capital is the city of Chimoio, about 1100 km north of Maputo, and 200 km west of the coastal city of Beira. With an area of ​​1,412,248 km², the province is divided into 9 districts. It is in Manica province which is the highest point in Mozambique: Monte Binga with an altitude of around 2436 m.

Located within the center of the country, Manica is bordered to the north by Tete Province in the south by the provinces of Inhambane and Gaza, Sofala Province in East and West by Zimbabwe.

The Manica Province is one of the highest areas of Mozambique; where are born many rivers. In its mountains are born of high purity water, and the mountains of the Vumba already marketed, distributed and excellent acceptance in almost every country

Rupestre Paintings

About 3 km outside town towards Machipanda border are the Chinhamapere rock paintings. To get here, go west from Manica about 3 km, and then south along a dirt road, following signs for ‘pinturas rupestres’. The site of the paintings is considered sacred by local residents, and before your visit, an elderly lady will conduct a brief prayer ceremony. According to tradition, no pregnant or menstruating women can visit the site.

Old Man`s Head

Nature abruptly carved a rock formation out of the plain landscape. It has been here since the beginning of the time, staring into the sky and meditating over the plateau. To get there, take Barué Str. Past the Mercado (market) Magarafa and continue along the dirt road. You'll see the rock ahead of you in the distance. From the base, you can reach the top in about 10 minutes where you can enjoy the views. Shortage of rain is a great misfortune for any community subsisting mainly off agriculture, so, when the situation gets serious, the population lead by "Curandeiros", or wise men, assemble to resolve the problem by using old rituals. The "Cabeça do Velho" like many other places, is a spot where the people call on the spirits of their ancestors to ask for rain. You should get a guide to climb the mountain.


Water Falls and the Forest in Penhalonga mountains, on the border with Zimbabwe are something not to be missed. Since the region is very fertile, the lower slopes of the mountains are dotted with "machambas", farming plots, and beautifully decorated traditional Shoana huts, with are painted with natural colours. To get their take the main road EN6 in the centre of Manica town towards the market and continue on this road past the market, crossing the river. After some kms keep left at the first fork intersection. Take the right road at the next intersection. After 20 km you will reach Penhalonga Village. Keep on going all the way up, and listen for the water falling down the mountain, watch the people that are smuggling over the border through centuries old trails doing business or just enjoy the forest that is surrounding you. You don't need a 4x4 during the dry season. There is local transport only to the village.


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