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Pomene Reserve

The Pomene reserve is the smallest conservation area in the country. Proclaimed by Decree 2496 of 4th of July 1964, it is situated in the district of Massinga in Inhambane province and covers an area of 200 km2.

Location : The Pomene National Reserve (PNR) is situated in Massinga District, on the dunes and sandy forests of the Inhambane Province.

Area : 126 km2

Access : Access by road either from Maputo or Beira City. Guests are urged to travel in a 4x4 vehicle. Access is also possible by plane from Inhambane airstrip.

Best viewing season : Throughout the year.

Accommodation : Hotel Velho, View Lodge.

Attractions: The different landscapes of the Reserve such as vegetation of the dunes, savannahs, mangroves and marshes are a combination which offers great ecotourism opportunities, for the PNR.

Fauna : Ox-horses, grey duiker, steenbuck, wildbeest, wild boar, chacma baboon, cinerous kid, chipenhes, impalas, monkey-dogs and grey monkeys.  A wide range of bird species.

Viewing Hours: The PNR can be visited daily from 7h30 to 16h30.

Particularities: Set of land and sea habitats, vegetation of dunes and sandy soil forests.

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