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Niassa National Reserve

This reserve was proclaimed by Decree nº. 2884 of the 23rd. July 1960. It is situated in Niassa province and covers an area of 42.400,00 km2 including a buffer zone.

Location : The Niassa Game Reserve (NGR) is situated in Niassa Province, in the far north of the country.

Area : 42,000 km2

Access : Access by road via Marupa district (there is a road linking Marrupa with Lichinga which is being tarred on a radius of about 150 km). By plane to Lichinga and then by road from Lichinga to Marrupa, Marrupa to the Game Reserve. The NGR has also an airstrip (Mecula) which can be used for landing and takeoff of aircrafts. The Pemba airport also serves as an entry point into the NGR. The road from Montepuez district in Cabo Delgado Province can also be used.

Best viewing season : During winter season, in the weak months, between April and October.

Accommodation : Mecula Lodge, RANI ÁFRICA (Luwire Lodge and Lugenda Bush Camp)

Attractions : Landscape diversity such as miombo forests, mountain forests, riverine vegetation, open savannah and prairies.

Fauna : Lions, leopards, wild dog (wolves) (major population of the country), elephants, buffaloes, giraffe, grey and red duiker, hartebeest, wildebeest, gondongs, zebras, elands, pala-palas, ox-horse, kudos, inhacoses (waterbucks), impalas, cinereous kid, kid of rocks.

Viewing Hours : The NGR can be visited daily from 7h30 to 16h30.

Particularities : This is the largest reserve in Mozambique and is home to its largest population of both elephant and wild dog. The abundance of species in the NGR allows for excellent game hunting. The NGR is presently the conservation area with the widest range, of wild fauna species in the country, especially the population of elephants estimated at 13,000 pachyderms. A new species of lizards was discovered recently in the NGR.


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