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 Mozambique has great tourism and ecotourism potential due to its natural diversity.


 The country has a variety of ecological systems rich in endemic species.

 The conservation areas are constituted by the parks, national reserves and official hunting reserves which are demarcated areas of public jurisdiction representative of the natural heritage set aside for the preservation of biodiversity and fragile ecosystems or certain species of fauna and flora.

 According to the policy set by the Forestry and Wildlife Department and Decree 10/99 of 7 July the objective of creating conservation areas is to ensure the participative management of forestry and wildlife resources with a view to conserve and promote their sustainable use through interactive local community programs.

 At the present moment, the national conservation system covers approximately 15% of the surface area of the country and consists of 6 parks, 6 reserves and 12 official hunting reserves.

National Parks  

National Reserves  

Communitarian Programs  

  •  Tchuma Tchato

Official Hunting Reserves  
 Twelve hunting reserves located in the provinces of Sofala and Manica and six blocks of hunting located in the zone drain plug of the Reserve of .Niassa .

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