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Gorongosa National Park

Location:  Gorongosa National Park (GNP), at the heart of Sofala Province, is located in the southernmost part of the Great Rift Valley of East Africa. The Park includes the valley and parts of the surrounding midlands and is equidistant between the cities of Chimoio and Beira.

  Area:  4,067 km2

  Access:  Via land: if coming from Maputo, take the EN1 north to Inchope and then follow the posted signs to GNP. If coming from Beira or Chimoio take the EN6 to its intersection with the EN1 in Inchope and then follow the posted signs to GNP.

Via air: Regular flights land in both the Beira and Chimoio airports, and you can contact the Park to organize land transfers from these airports to GNP.

  Best times to visit:  We encourage visits between April and November (the dry season), as during the rainy season the internal road network in the Park becomes impassible.

Accommodation:   Girassol Gorongosa Lodge


The lodge has at your service 9 standard bungalows, a total of 18 double rooms (individual or connecting rooms), and 6 premium bungalows, a total of 12 double rooms, all equipped with mosquito netting, private bathroom and air conditioning. The rooms are located at a quiet and cozy area.

Garden Rooms 

6 rooms located near the swimming pool and the restaurant, with private bathroom, mosquito netting, ceiling fan and 24h internet access.


The camping area has at your disposal all the necessary conditions to guarantee you a comfortable stay, including bathrooms area, hot water showers, grill, campfire area, laundry tubs and an outdoor covered lounge area.

 Make your bookings at   www.gorongosa.org   or by e-mail to  travel@gorongosa.net  or via telephone to +(258) 23-530122 or +(258) 82-3082252.

  Attractions:  Several 10-passenger open air game drive vehicles with trained game guides are available for your photographic safari on the 150 kms of safari roads inside the Park, during which you may visit such renowned locations as Lion House and Hippo Terrace (you may also visit the Park in your own vehicle, using the road map and guidelines that you receive when you pass through the Park’s main gate). Other attractions include the limestone gorges of the Cheringoma Plateau and Lake Urema and its floodplain wetlands. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful Murombodzi waterfall descending from Mount Gorongosa.

Wildlife:  Lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, hippo, crocodile, zebra,sable, kudu, nyala, waterbuck, impala, bushbuck, reedbuck, oribi, lichenstein’s hartebeest, warthog, bush pig, serval, civet, genet, chacma baboon and vervet monkey.

  Visiting Hours:  The Park’s main gate opens at 6:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm.

  Other Details:  Gorongosa National Park, a Mozambican treasure, provides environmental, educational, aesthetic, recreational, and economic benefits to all of humanity.

 The rain and seasonal inundation of the valley, along with many different soil types, creates a unique mosaic of distinct ecosystems. The plains are dotted with acacia savanna, dry forests in sandy areas, wetlands or pans seasonally filled by the rains, and thickets on termite-built mounds. The plateaus contain miombo and mountain forests and a spectacular rainforest at the bottom of a series of limestone gorges.

This unique combination of characteristics and ecosystems once gave rise to one of the most dense populations of wildlife in all of Africa. 

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